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In Stock   Adult Commercial Masks

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Diabolico Green $19.99
Diabolico Blue $19.99
Diabolico Silver2 $19.99
Diabolico Silver $19.99
Pierot $19.99
Dos Caras $19.99

There are three basic levels of quality in regards to wrestling masks - pro, semi-pro and commercial. Pro quality masks are the masks the wrestlers use in the ring. They are created to hold up during ring use and abuse. They normally have double-stitching with liners to give seams extra support. The materials used tend to be of heavier and highest quality. Stitching on the face patterns are tight and consistent. Pro masks also are custom-fitted for the wearer. Semi-pro masks look very similar to pro quality masks but usually are single stitched at the seams with lighter weight fabrics. The face pattern stitching tends to be a little less consistent, but pretty good. These masks tend to be made in standard sizes and are intended for fan use. If you want a very good looking mask for less cost than pro quality masks then this is the choice I would recommend. Commercial masks tend to be the bottom line choice. They are usually made from cheap materials with a foam lining. Stitching overall varies from mediocre to poor and face patterns usually are sloppier than pro and semi-pro. These masks are made in mass quantities and are the ones most commonly sold at lucha libre shows.