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We have any color combination with the examples below "In Stock"  If you need additional help, please Contact Us.
  • black dull
  • black patent
  • white with black tips
  • baby blue with white tips
  • navy blue with silver tips
  • white with silver tips
  • black with red patent
  • red patent
  • gold patent
  • black with gold patent
  • black with green patent
  • black with dark green patent
  • red with gold patent
  • blue with white tips dull
  • green dull
  • blue patent
  • red with silver tips dull
  • red dull
  • black with blue tips
  • black with silver tips dull
  • black with white tips dull
  • black with yellow tips dull
  • orange dull
  • white with red tips dull
  • yellow dull
  • black with red tips dull
  • yellow with black tips dull
  • blue dull
  • red with black tips dull
  • white patent
  • white dull



"American Pro Style" 
Height 14".
Calf Size: 14" to 19".
Anti Rust Eyelets.
Comfortable Insoles.
Durable Pro Soles.
Laces Included.


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White Soles(takes 2 weeks) 
Add $25.00


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* No additional charge for double tone boots

* No additional charge for larger sizes

* You are buying from the best

* The lowest price in the Wrestling World

* Order multiple boots at the same time and Pay shipping only for one pair



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