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Be Taller Instantly
Elevator Insoles "up to 2.5 inches".

Boot-Shoe Insole 3-Layer Air Cushion Heel insert Increase Taller Height Lift 2.5 inch(7cm)

Now there is something short wrestler can do to be taller. These well-constructed made heel insoles add vital height while giving you total foot comfort. Yet they are completely inconspicuous, so no one will ever suspect you are wearing them. Did you know that tall wrestlers are more popular with fans and also get higher paying jobs? So why not become taller now. It's easy and fast. These lightweight, completely hidden heel insoles fit securely into any front lacing wrestling boots. Makes ordinary boots so comfortable, they will feel as though they are custom made. Completely interchangeable to fit in any pair of front lacing wrestling boots or shoes. Easily adjustable.
-- Nice quality set of Air cushion inserted  make you taller shoe inserts
- A set comes with both left and right foot shoe inserts (3 pads on each side top and bottom)
- top inserts have built-in air cushons that make you very comfortable with these insoles 
-  will not make you tired
- Will fit on U.S mens size
- Don't be fooled by some low quality insoles that will make you tired and hurting your feet
- Will make you about 2.5 inches taller in total 
- Brand new

Elevator Insoles


Instantly Add 1.3" Inches or 2" Inches or 2.5 Inches to your HEIGHT 
( 1 insert= 1.3 Inches , 2 insert 2 inches,all Snap On Insoles = 2.5 Inches.) 

Removable sole lets you choose your desired height 

Air sole for ultimate comfort  wear all them all day long 

Material:Soft PVC

Size:Can Fit boots-shoes(Insoles can be trimmed with scissors to fit your shoes )

Quantity: 2pcs(1 pair) 

Colour : black 




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